Our History

Cushy Closer was founded in 2007, by two sisters, Gail Calderon and Darlene Garcia. In response to frustrations borne out of the near certainty that opening or closing a door would wake one of their sleeping children, Gail and Darlene combined their respective talents in business and sewing to devise a solution. Over the course of the next few months, the two worked around the schedules of their combined nine children to perfect what would become The Original Cushy Closer Door Cushion.

Determined to showcase their new product, and full of hope that other moms might equally appreciate their invention, they signed up for a local holiday boutique. Needless to say, the Cushy Closer was an instant success. Gail and Darlene completely sold out of product before the boutique was even over. They knew then that they had just discovered something huge.

After several years and just a slight revision to the original design, Cushy Closer now manufactures what is believed by many to be the premier door cushion on the market. Despite their best efforts, the competition is no match for Cushy Closer's constant formula of high-quality workmanship, wide selection of fabrics and colors, and unparalleled levels of customer service.